50 Shades Of Pink

Hey people!

If you have been following me for a while now, you should know that I’m a sucker for a good wrap dress. I love the freedom you have in those types of dresses.

This particular one draw my attention for 2 reasons, firstly it reminded me of one of my favourites dress that I styled here and the colour! Pink is just a colour for me I think and I never get bored with wearing it.

So on that note, I went crazy on the pink and went for a full blown pink outfit with red earrings coz you know that combo is just amazing!

The dress is now priced at £10 less than the price I paid for which is annoying to me but on the other hand that means I can now go ahead and buy it in the other 3 colours ahahahah

Get dress here

These shoes are quite old but I love them so much here is something similar

Bag here and you can get these lovely earrings here

Thanks for stopping by guys, I appreciate all the love and support, God bless xx


Pleated Pants & Statement Blouse

Hey guys! How’s this new week going for you?

This week has started with a very pleasant surprise for me and I am praying that this sets a positive note for the rest of the week, month and the year even!

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago and boy did I feel so fly in it!

I’m in love with these pleated trousers and I can see the trend staying around for a while actually.

You can get the whole outfit here

Similar trousers here here here

Similar top here

Shoes here on budget here

Belt here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Frills All Over

Hey guys!

How did your week go? Mine was hmmm how can I say it, a bit controversial and I’m happy to see the back of it!

So I am always on the look out for fashionable and stylish pieces, and this top right here is the definition of style and fashion in my eyes! I love it so much and I cannot wait to play with it more and more.


Get this fabulous top here tell her I sent you for some £ $ off, I am loving this one here.

These trousers OMG I have wanted them for so long and I’m so glad I finally got them get them, they are available here or here

Bag here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by guys, have a lovely weekend and God bless xx

Midi Stripe Dress

Hey style lovers!

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London today, it’s nice to finally have a break after the horrible weather we have had lately.

So a couple of weeks ago I picked up some dresses for work from one of my favourites store. I wanted some light and stylish not over the top dresses to wear to work now that the weather is getting warmer so I picked up this one that I style here and the one below.

When shopping with this brand I always go for the tall range as I like to get a certain fit for the look I go for.

Dress here also comes in blue here

Shoes here

jacket similar here

Have a fabulous day everyone, God bless x

1 Year Post!

Hey guys!

A year ago today I started this blog, I made my first blog post here  and I’m so proud of how far I have come; Looking back I do not regret embarking on this adventure and I’m excited for the very bright and successful fashionable future.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram might have seen my post complaining about being addicted to polka dots, guys I don’t know but I can’t stop buying polka dots, my heart just begins racing once I see an item with polka dots and I have to get it. I’m really hoping that I come out of this phase as there is only so much dots one can wear!

Anyway this dress is one of my current favourites, I cannot wait to style it over and over again.

Dress is from Zara and I’m wearing size Large, I have found similar alternatives here here or here

Sandals here

Belt here

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely week ahead and God bless xx

Stripes & Colours

Hello style lovers!

How are you all doing?

So couple of weeks ago I styled this skirt that I have had for the longest time ever siting in my wardrobe. I initially wanted to style it with a plain top and blue blazer but something else popped on my mind and I ended up with the look below; how do you like it?

Get similar skirt here here  or here

Top similar here

Blazer here

Shoes here on budget here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Floral & Dots

Hey people!

It’s new week and we are ready to do this, right?

So, I usually get asked if I only wear heels as I mostly only have pictures in heels; well the answer is no! I wouldn’t be able to anyway, so I will start incorporating looks with flats shoes or low heels into my general looks.

For instance I never wear heels to work, mostly because I’m always rushing in the morning between dropping my daughter and catching my bus on time, there is no way in the world I would be able to do all that in my heels.

So for my first I wore this simple yet very classy and stylish dress that I had my eye on for few months and it went on sale 2 weeks ago so I grabbed it. I always go for the tall range in this brand as I love my pencil dresses and skirts to be true midi on me.

Dress now on sale here

Shoes here or here

Have a fabulous week ahead, God bless xx

Denim on Denim

Hey folks!

It’s Friday but I’m not really getting the Friday feeling for some reason though, let’s see how the day ends.

So I purchased this dress last month and couldn’t wait to style it. The dots and the shape did it for me, I think I’m addicted to polka dots guys, I have added tons of things that a friend told me off about the dots today!

This look is becoming a favourite style of mine, dress over pants, it has a certain je ne sais quoi about it and I’m just loving it!

I wore the dress with jeans underneath for church and the second look would be how I would style it for a night out or lunch with the girls.

Let me know which one of the two looks is your favourite.

Dress here here or here

Jeans here here or here

Bag here

Shoes here

Have a lovely weekend people, talk to you soon xx

Pleated Skirt

Hello there my lovelies.

It’s Wednesday and we are alive so let’s thank God!

I’m loving the fact that stripes and polka dots are going strong this season. I cannot tell you how much stuff I have gotten lately that has stripes and polka dots.

Another thing I’m loving is the pleated skirt, oh yes! I have a few in different colours and couldn’t help myself but add this one I’m wearing today to the family.

Oh one more thing, mules yes more mules please! This summer my feet are going to have the best time of their life as I’m intending on finding and wearing fabulous mules and sandals.

Now let’s just hope the British summer actually lets me do that coz the way this weather is set up…

Skirt on sale here and I’m loving this one here too.

Blouse similar here here or here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by folks, take care and God bless x

Striped Dress

Hello world!

I hope you all had a good resurrection weekend and are ready to face the week.

It’s bank holiday here today that means no work and I was hoping to shoot for the blog but turns out the rain has other plans.

I’m loving everything stripes and fell in love with this dress for its colour and shape. There is countless of colour combinations to wear it with and it’s cotton that means summer approves too!

I picked up the dress in store from Zara oxford street but I can’t find it online unfortunately so please visit your local one if interested in it, otherwise I have found alternatives here here and here

Shoes here

Thanls for stopping by guys and happy new month xx