Red is Love

Hello friends!

I hope you had a good week and that you are looking forward to a great week end.

The colour red is all over the fashion scene right now, high street or high end stores everywhere you look you see red and I am loving it! i have added a couple of red items in my wardrobe lately with one of them being what I am wearing in this post.

What do you think of this colour? is it one of your favourites? one that like to wear and parade in? Let me know how you love wearing red.


Culottes here

Top is from Primark, here is something similar

Shoes here

Bag here

Thank you for stopping by folks, have a lovely week end and God bless xx




Crazy for Dots

Good morning style lovers!

It’s mid week and things are looking good this end nothing to complain about.

The other day while going through my wardrobe I noticed something, I noticed that I had plenty of polka dots stuff in there, not only in black and white but in a variety of other colours! I realise that I am really attracted to this pattern and I am not stopping any time soon.

Few weeks back during one of my many online browsing, I came across this lovely skirt and bought it without thinking twice! I am completely in love with its colour, pattern, shape and length…


Get skirt here

Top here and I love this one here

Shoes here

Belt here

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless xx

Boat Neck Dress

Hello lovely people,

How are you all doing at the beginning of this blessed week?

I am doing great, ready for new things, big changes that are about to happen to my life.

Over the week end I attended cocktails with Claire and I had a great time with my girlfriends, a topic came out from our conversation and we started discussing why is it so hard to get people around you, from your community and even other ladies?

I have personally noticed that the people who support me the most are complete strangers, people from different countries, different communities than mine and I remember when I first started blogging it used to pain me that the people that know me, I mean really know me in real life weren’t as supportive as I thought! It was a very hard pill to swallow for me. But as I went along I realised that I shouldn’t focus on the people that weren’t being supportive, my focus should be on the ones that were there for me! whether I personally knew them or not in real life shouldn’t be a big deal to me.

I have now embraced the idea that not everyone wants to support you, they actually don’t need to! As long as I am doing this thing that I love and getting pleasure out of it that is what matters to me, the people reading my blog, commenting supporting, giving feedback and criticism, constructive that is lol, are the ones that matter, should matter and I believe that this applies to any area of life.

Unto today’s post, I have had this dress for months, I know I say this a lot but I am telling the truth guys, I buy stuff and throw them in my wardrobe and don’t take them out after a while! I took this out for church yesterday and this is the type of dress that I really love because I think that it fits my shape well.


Dress similar here

Shoes here

Bag here

Have a blessed week ahead guys, God bless xx

Casual Friday

Hello style lovers!

We have made it to the end of the week, yessssssss!!!

What are you planning to do this week end? I am partying all month long like I told you since it’s my birthday month, I am having girly lunch and attending cocktail with Claire of Fashionbomb daily, I am so excited about that.

Today’s look is one I put together few weeks back, playing with this super cute pair of mules I got from Zara. I am a jeans lover and I am always on the look out for cute, unusual pair and this particular style had caught my eye on more than one occasion so I ended up getting 2 pairs.


Blouse is from my girl Marie of @demarie_apparels (instagram) but here is something similar,

Mules are from Zara and I got attracted to them because they look so much like this pair here that I want so bad!

Get similar jeans here

Sunglasses here

Have a wonderful week end folks, God bless xx

Mermaid Dress

Hello there beautiful people!

It’s getting colder here and thinking of the colder months ahead is just depressing, but on the other hand we get to pull out all of our stylish coats and jackets so yeahhhh!!!

Today’s outfit is a dress that I have had for a while now and I decided to wear it as part of my glam up birthday shoot.

This is certainly a dress that I will keep for a while in my wardrobe.



Get similar dress here here and here

Shoes here

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless xx




Ankara Maxi

Hello lovely people!

I wore this ankara dress a couple of weeks back for church and it was such a hit with everyone. Ankara or Liputa as we call it in my language is such a hit right now, it actually has been for a good while now and I don’t see it going it away any time soon.

I am really looking forward to wearing the different ankara outfit I have seating in my wardrobe.


Get similar dress here

Bag here

Belt Here

Have a wonderful week ahead, God Bless xx

Birthday Mood

Hey Friends!

Thanks for all the love yesterday, I had an amazing day!

Your wishes mean a lot to me and I pray that each one of them come to pass, especially the ones for more clothes and shoes lol.

I wore this beautiful dress for my birthday shoot and wow I felt like a million $, scuba is a curvy girl best friend and I am loving the shape of the dress as well as the pattern on it. I would wear it with a greenish pair of shoes next time to bring out that subtle green in it more.

You have a lovely week end guys, talk to you soon.




Get dress here

Similar shoes here

Thanks again people, God bless xx


Stripes & Culottes

Hey people!

It is 1 day to my birthday and I cannot contain how excited I actually am today, I tell you every year I am getting happier celebrating my birthday like a little child lol I tell anyone around me that wants to know that it’s my birthday week ahahahah

I am not going to do anything extra, it’s the experience of feeling the love pour in from your friends and family, the presents, especially the one from bae , as I have been giving him hints for months now lol! I cannot wait to see what he’s getting me this year that will to up last year’s.

Anyway, enough of my bday rumbling and unto today’s outfit. I have always loved culottes for as far as I can remember but it had been a while since I got one until last year when I rediscovered my love for them and started purchasing them again, I usually get them a size bigger for length and fit as I prefer them loose and long.

So ladies, are culottes a thing for you too? Let me know how you like to style them.


Similar culottes here and matching top here

Get my favourites red sandals here

Thanks for stopping by friends, God bless xx

Floral & Polka dot

Hello there stylish people!

I trust that you are all doing well and that you had a good week end.

Welcome to the month of September, super excited about this month because it’s my birthday month and I plan to celebrate all month long 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Today’s post is about this wrap dress that I saw and fell in love with, because one it is a wrap dress, silky material and the different patches on it just made me love it more.

img_2962img_2993img_2989img_2974img_2966img_2965img_2971img_2985img_2970img_2968img_2975img_2976 Dress here

Get similar ones here , here  and here

Bag here 

Shoes here

Take care friends and talk to you again soonxx

Orange is The New Black

Hey stylish people!

It’s Wednesday, I am breathing, in good health so we thank God!

Today’s look is one I put together few weeks back for church. I worked with this colourful skirt and decided to pick on the orange this time but I will definitely style it with different colours in the future.

How would you wear this skirt? Let me know in the comments section.


Skirt here I am wearing xxl

Similar top here

Bag here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless xx