Big Sleeves Dress

Hello friends!

Here is to a wonderful week ahead.

I am just loving the big sleeves trend and this particular dress was an easy choice for me, pink and big sleeves? yes please!



The dress comes in about 8 or 9 different colours and the next colour I want is currently sold out but they always restock so I am looking out for it. I went for pink and silver this time but I can think of endless combination for this dress.


Get the dress here 40% off with code SALETIME; I also like the longer version here

Sandals are Sophia Webster purchased during one of their sample sales. Here is a pair that I love from the current season.

Necklace here

Watch here

Thanks for stopping by guys, take care and God bless.

Tan & Nude


Hey Friends! I am super excited about today, not only is it the beginning of the week end but it is also the beginning of the school summer break here in London so that means a whole 6 weeks for me of not stressing about washing uniforms, waking up super early and oh not having my alarm go off! Here is to a “relaxing” 6 weeks until we start again in September.

Anyhoo, I put this look together for work today and I kinda really like how the whole thing came out. These pair of culottes is one of my summer sale purchases and oh my I so love them, the colour is what drew my attention online but then I saw it in store and the material and shape of it ticked all the boxes and I was sold! I got it in the long length and it fits just perfect!

I can definitely see myself wearing them all year round, in the winter with boots and roll neck jumper…



Trousers (Pants) on sale here

Top is old from Primark but here is an option

Necklace Here

Bag is old but here is a similar one

Shoes are CL, here is an option on budget

Flower Power

Hello there friends,

The sales are going pretty strong right now and it seems like this year I don’t really like much of what’s on the high street. I managed to grab few things that I always wanted and I am glad about that but in the same time I am working towards reducing my wardrobe/closet to less than half of what it actually is right now and gosh that task has not been easy at all! I feel like there is endless of clothes and shoes and it’s getting frustrating *sigh*


You might recall me wearing this dress in pink for a wedding in Paris, I so loved the dress that I also got this one when it went on sale. I rarely get the same thing in different colours but I had to with this dress, although the white one seems to be cut smaller than the pink one so maybe get a bigger size in the white if you will be buying it.

I really like the pattern on the dress, the sleeves and everything about it…


Get the dress now on sale here and the pink one also on sale here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Flares & Stripes

Hello beautiful people, hoping that you are all doing ok. Here is to a wonderful week ahead, let’s keep our heads up and continue to work towards achieving our goals.

Something happened to me last week-end, if I can actually say something happened, I somehow ended up with this pain in my right foot which has now gone up to my leg and it’s preventing me from wearing any of my high shoes!

So for church yesterday, I opted for my favourites slippers at the mo and went for a head to top stripy stripy outfit. I had my eyes on this skirt for months and I didn’t think twice when I saw it in the sales. It is a fun and cute skirt that I cannot wait to wear over and over ( actually wore it to work today, 2 days in a row… that should tell you something)


Get the skirt on sale here and I am so in love with this one here ;

Top is from the Zara sale but here is another cute one;

Shoes are N.21, check them on sale here;

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx


Summer Colours

Good morning beautiful people!

I had a very busy week end, a barbecue on Saturday and a fashion event on Sunday; needless to say I had a great time both days and got some amazing stuff that I can’t wait to blog about.

On Saturday, I wore jeans as I wanted a casual and relaxed look. Sunday I opted for a more dressy look with this lovely and floaty skirt that I got a couple of week ago. I had been contemplating the idea of putting these 2 colours together and I went with it on Sunday. I got so many compliments and lots of people said they will definitely try this combination soon.

Is this a combination of colours you would wear? Let me know down below.



Skirt, now on sale, here

Top was purchased from a friend months ago and is no longer available but I have found similar ones here , here and here

Shoes are old from Gucci here is a pair that I love from the current collection.

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by guys, take care and God bless xx

Colour Block Dress

Hello my lovelies!

I am skater dress kinda girl, I believe that they are good for my shape and looks very flattering on me. So when I saw this one I’m wearing here a couple of weeks back on my lunch break, my mind was made up as soon as I saw it in the store and I got it!

I must admit that it’s the boldness of it that caught my eye, the patches of different colours and the fact that the colours are white, colbat blue and black was the cherry on the cake! I can feel that I will have this dress for a long time in my wardrobe.


Dress Here

Cape Here

Shoes, similar Here

Bag, similar Here

Sunglasses Here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Dots on Dots

Happy new month folks!

I cannot believe this year is already half gone! Where is time flying to?!

Is this year going the way you wanted it to go? Are you working on your resolutions? Me I don’t know! I don’t really keep tabs on things like that but a couple of things have been ticked off and it’s looking good overall but the aim is to continue working harder towards the goal.

Anyway, here is an outfit I put together for work last week. I love wearing black and white as well as polka dots; the combination of both is just bomb and I’m so happy with this combination.


Get the skirt here

Similar tops here and here

Shoes here and this one here on sale

Bag here

Take care guys, talk to you soon and God bless xx



Pencil Skirt

Happy new week friends!

I was at a fashion event this past Saturday and had so much fun. I wasn’t sure of what to wear until I remembered that I had this skirt sitting in my wardrobe for a couple of months now.

I notice that lately I have been drawn to skirts more and more. So this one caught my attention because of the stripes and colours. This a skirt you can definitely style a different number of ways seeing that it has a mixture of colours.

On this occasion, I went for orange and the outcome was just perfect. For any skirt lover out there, you need this skirt in your wardrobe, trust me!



Get the skirt here and blouse here

Shoes here

Bag similar here

Glasses here

Thanks for stopping by, God bless xx





Vegas Style

Hey friends!

Hoping that you are having a good week so far… I am day dreaming of Vegas and the good time I had there and I cannot wait for my next holiday.

Here is what I wore on the first day of my holiday last week. We must all be aware by now of the current Kimono trend. I had been looking for a nice one that I could wear to my holiday both as part of my ootd and as a cover up for my swimming costumes.

This one that I am wearing ticket all the box and I am very pleased with it! I am now on the look out for a lighter coloured one and hoping that I will be finding one soon.

What do you guys think of this trend, is this something you would be trying?


Kimono here

Belt here

Shorts here

Bag here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx