Flares & Stripes

Hello beautiful people, hoping that you are all doing ok. Here is to a wonderful week ahead, let’s keep our heads up and continue to work towards achieving our goals.

Something happened to me last week-end, if I can actually say something happened, I somehow ended up with this pain in my right foot which has now gone up to my leg and it’s preventing me from wearing any of my high shoes!

So for church yesterday, I opted for my favourites slippers at the mo and went for a head to top stripy stripy outfit. I had my eyes on this skirt for months and I didn’t think twice when I saw it in the sales. It is a fun and cute skirt that I cannot wait to wear over and over ( actually wore it to work today, 2 days in a row… that should tell you something)


Get the skirt on sale here and I am so in love with this one here ;

Top is from the Zara sale but here is another cute one;

Shoes are N.21, check them on sale here;

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx



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