Hello friends!

it’s back to normal for me now; no more room service, no more sleeping without fearing the sound of my alarm, no more chilling by the pool side *sigh*

As some of you might know by now I did get few bits from the Victoria Beckham collection with Target and I have already styled one ensemble on a previous post.

The collection went on sale and I ended up getting more stuff, like this dress I’m wearing which was one of my favourites initially but had sold out so quick!

It run out in my size so I got it in the 2x which is too big for me hence the belt. I’m really glad I got this dress it’s just so cute and feminine but I’ll probably wear it with trousers or jeans in the future as I feel it’s a bit short for my liking.


The collection has now completely sold out online but I have found a couple of similar dresses here and this one here currently on sale;

Shoes here

Bag is from Zara last year, so in love with this one here

Take care friends, God bless xx


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