Hey friends!

How’s your week going so far?

Not sure whether you knew this, especially those of you in the UK and the rest of Europe, Victoria Beckham released a collection in collaboration with Target (the second largest retailer store in the US). For every fashionista, at least for myself, this was a dream come true! I mean who in their right mind would mind owning a piece of clothing from the ever so stylish Mrs Beckham?!

As soon as I saw the preview of the collection, I knew what I wanted for sure!!! And I planned to shop from Posh Spice website which was our only  option here in the UK. So on that Sunday, I barely slept kept on refreshing the page of her website and to cut the story short when I got access to the website everything was sold out!!! Nightmare…

You are probably asking yourself so how did you end up with the stuff then? Well, I have connections to the States which came in very handy, I tried over 5 times ordering from the Target website and even gave up at one point, until I finally got through and got 2 of the sets I really wanted.

I’m wearing the Calla lily set here and I’m so glad I got this, all the trouble I went through was so worth it!


Did any of you here in Europe managed to get your hands on pieces from the collab? If you did, please let me know what your experience was like.

The collection is now on sale and can be purchased Here

Shoes are sold out but I’m loving this pairHere

Bag Here

Thanks for stopping by friends, God bless xx


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