Red Lace Dress

Hey Guys!

I hope you are all doing ok. This dress was meant to be part of my valentine’s look book earlier this year; but unfortunately my brother died and it threw every plan out of the window for a while. Life goes on and you learn how to deal with the pain but you never forget the loved one that is now gone forever! I sometimes lay in bed looking at his contact on my phone, thinking whether or not I should delete it, but I feel like deleting it means that I am erasing completely from my life and I do not want to do that at all! I look at his picture and run my fingers over and over his face trying to feel him and I try very hard to remember his voice, his laughter, remember him and each one of the memories I have of him I will forever hold tight! Love you forever bro…

Now, unto this dress… with lace being hot right now, this dress was a perfect choice for me to wear on a date or to church but I would put a cardigan or a blazer over it for church. The detailing on this dress is just amazing and I love the fact that the straps are big and that the cleavage is not too revealing. I added the gold belt because I felt like the dress was a bit plain for my liking… Red is definitely a colour that I don’t mind wearing over and over.





Dress was purchased begining of the year and is no longer available but this one here is very similar to it and this one here I really love!

Shoes are CL that I purchased from a consigment store here in London, I found a similar one here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx


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