Mint Green

Hello there beautiful people.

I have been a lover of tulle skirts for quite a while now but I haven’t had a decent one in ages! So when I saw this one, I completely fell in love…

The skirt also comes in black (needless to say I also purchased in black). I am wearing it in L in the green but I did get the black in XL as would like it to be fuller and longer.



Skirt here I am definitely getting this one here and I am in love with this one here

Lace bustier is sold out, here is a similar one

Blazer is old but I love this one here and here

Shoes here and I am drooling over these ones here and here

Thanks for stopping by guys, thanks for the love and support.

God bless xx


2 thoughts on “Mint Green”

  1. I Have never thought of wearing mint green but you’ve just made the colour stand out to me , i will now start considering mint green in my wardrobe


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