Black and Colourful

Hello there everyone and welcome to post number 2.

One thing about me is that I shop a lot, and I mean really really a lot (working on not shopping like that anymore though)! So because of that I end up with plenty of stuff that I don’t get to wear for ages that just  fills up my closet.

I have decided to slow down and start clearing up by wearing and recycling what I currently have that I haven’t worn!

Example no 1 is this outfit that I put together last week, both the top and the skirt were purchased over a year ago! The blazer on the other hand is from the beginning of this year.



Thanks for stopping by, I will start putting up links to items soon in the meantime  I will continue with telling you where they are from.

Skirt ~ Asos

Top ~ Matalan

Blazer ~ New Look

Shoes ~ Mango

Cuff ~ H&M

Take care people and God bless xx


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