Pleats and Burgundy

Hello there everyone and welcome to my very first post.

I have been putting this off time after time, wanting to get better pictures, thinking that I am not really ready for this or even that this is not really something I should do. But to come to think of it I thought to myself hang on, this is something you love doing so go ahead and start with what you have.

This outfit I put together for church last Sunday; I am currently obsessed with pleated skirts and this one I am wearing here was one I fell in love with as soon as I saw it online.

I really love how this looked on me, especially the colours that complimented my skin so well.

DSCN5417DSCN5419DSCN5423DSCN5424DSCN5430DSCN5439Anyway, let me know what you think and talk to you soon.

Skirt & Top ~ Tu Clothing

Shoes ~ Old (can’t remember where from)

Belt ~ Asos

Bag ~ Chloe

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon and God bless xx


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