Stripes, again…

Hey Friends!

How is it Wednesday already?! Seriously, time is not giving anyone the space to waste so let’s be careful and make the best of our time here on heart.

I often spend time online browsing my favourite websites looking for bargains, yes your girl is a bargain hunter to the core! I rarely and I really mean rarely buy anything full price, I will hunt the whole internet for a code and will only purchase if I know I have searched everywhere. I mean at the rate I shop, I would have to be a very wealthy woman to be able to buy everything I want full price and no we ain’t there yet.

Anyway enough of my rumbling, so I stumbled on this dress and you know the rest…

I love everything about it but the length, I don’t like wearing short stuff and this would have been perfect if it was longer or if I was shorter coz let’s face it, it doesn’t help that I am 5.10″ lol.

The dress along with other fabulous numbers are on sale now so go ahead and treat yourself, you won’t regret it.


Get similar dress here here here or check out the skirt version on sale here

I tried to stay away from the white shoes trend but gave up in the end, shoes here

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by people, God bless xx



Check Please!

Hey beautiful people!

So the last outfit I shot in Congo was this amazing dress by one of my favourite brands. I saw this and knew straight away that I wanted to have it, I am drawn to everything polka dot in black and white especially.

I will keep this dress for a long time in my wardrobe for sure, it is a piece that I feel I will love for a long time.


Get dress here

Shoes similar here

Bag here

Guys, I appreciate the love and attention you always show me and I am forever grateful! God bless xx

The “IT” Dress

Good morning to you all lovely people!

Here’s to hoping you all had a prosperous week and are ready to face the weekend with a big bang!

So a couple of months ago, I think it was in March, I came across a post on Instagram advertising this dress and boy it was love at first sight, it was what you call in french “un coup de foudre” and it wasn’t me alone that fell in love with the dress; thousands and thousands of women and fallen in love with it too but we had to wait around two months until the dress was available.

whilst on my recent holiday, bearing in mind I was checking online every other day for to dress, I saw the dress and I was miles away but thank God for online shopping! I ordered it and couldn’t wait to wear it. But before ordering it, I saw that there was few reviews already, that wasn’t a surprise seeing that tons of people were waiting for what was called by one of the big magazines of the place “the must have summer dress”, the reviews were all negative and disappointing but your girl here didn’t care and ordered the dress anyway!

I say this to say that, yes following reviews is good, I personally never buy or use a service without reading the reviews first but as far as clothing are concerned are always go with my gut! I would say as a lady you need to know your body well to know the type of garments that would look good on you.

When you go on the website, there are over 100 reviews on this dress and they are mostly negative but would you say this dress is a pass looking at it on me? Exactly! So buy it if you want and see for yourself, I did and I love it!!!

Dress here (I am wearing 18UK) and it also comes in petite size here

Get these fab earrings here

Shoes here

Bag here

Thank you guys for stopping by, have a wonderful week end and God bless xx

The Pink Suit

Hey friends!

I hope your week is going ok!

I have been loving wearing suits lately and this pink one didn’t disappoint.

I actually bought the two pieces separately, I got the blazer first, and decided to put them together as a suit.

The blazer is from Primark, get similar one here here here

Trousers here and similar here

Shoes similar here here here

Bag, T-shirt and earrings are from Zara

Thanks for stopping by, God bless you always xx

Baby Blue Skirt

Hey style lovers!

I hope you are all doing ok and had a lovely weekend, I am having a hard time trying to go back to normal after the amazing time I had in Congo and I can’t tell you how much I miss Kin, I really hope to go back there soon.

While out there I had the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer and we managed to make some magic for you guys.

The outfit I am wearing today is in one of my favourite colours and I really love the fact that this skirt comes in about 7, 8 colours and I am contemplating the idea of purchasing more but will stick with this colour for the time being.

You can get the skirt here and the top here

Shoes are old by Christian Louboutin but I have found similar pairs here here and here

Thanks for stopping by guys, have a wonderful week and God bless xx

The Green Dress

Hey people!

I’m having a hard time getting back to normal after the amazing time I just had in Congo.

I managed to shoot some outfits while I was out there and here is look 1.

I saw this dress and was straight away drawn to it because of the pleats for one and the colour for 2. I wish it came in other colours and I would have bought it in every single ones but for the time being I’m going to enjoy wearing this colour to the max.

Get the dress on sale plus size here and straight size here

Shoes old from Zara, get a similar pair here

Thanks for stopping by folks, have a lovely week ahead xx

My Ankara Dress

Hey people!

It’s been a while, I have been busy enjoying my holiday home (Congo/Kinshasa)after 4 years of absence but I have to cut it short and introduce this dress that I designed in collaboration with SGTCLOTHING.

I wanted something that really had my name on it but also my style and essence. Because I love dresses, I opted for one and wanted it to be a shirt one and a line too.

This dress is very versatile and comes in 2 different prints, it’s available to order from size 8-22 and only cost £20. SGTCLOTHING offers worldwide shipping, please order to support an upcoming African brand and your girl!

Order the dress here and tell her I sent you.

Shoes are Ruppert Sanderson (old), I got the ankle cuffs for £5 from River Island.

I hope you like my collaboration dress and are able to order it.

Take care and God bless xx

Stripes Suit

Hey style lovers!

I hope you have had a good week and are looking forward the weekend.

I away on holiday for 2 weeks from tomorrow and I am super excited! I can’t wait to share with you where I am going to be and the beauty of the place.

I saw this suit online, fell in love and purchased it without thinking twice. It’s a suit I am definitely going to re style separately and again together with different accessories.

Get yourself a powerful suit and slay away ladies!


Get the trousers here and jacket here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless xx

Embroidered Top

Hey style lovers!

I hope that you are all doing ok and having a good week so far.

I don’t really do all white outfits that much but when I do, I really go for it. When this company contacted me to gift me this top, I initially thought let me do blue denim with this top and pick up on the red.

But funnily enough, once the top arrived I changed my mind and went for white instead and I am so glad I did as I prefer the white jeans look to the blue one, let me know how you would style this top in the comments below.

This beautiful blouse is part of George Mexicana collection and can be purchased here


These jeans are just bomb, they are old from M&S but you can get a similar pair here

My current favourite bag can be found here

Shoes here

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless always xx

Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit

Hey folks, it’s Friday and it’s a long weekend!!! This girl right here is super happy about that!

I am going away soon so I am currently shopping and putting my outfits together, I came across this jumpsuit couple of months during one my many online browsing and I had it in my saved items until couple of days ago when it went on sale and I quickly snatched it.

I am so glad I did as I really like it, I always go 2 sizes up when ordering jumpsuit as I like them loose and floaty; they had run out of sizes 20 so I went for size 18 and I must admit I do like the fit of this size.

I decided to pair it with one of my latest “IT” bag, if you follow me on Instagram you might have found out the other day that I am currently addicted to bucket bags lol and with them being so hot this season I can’t blame myself.

Get Jumpsuit here

Bag here

Shoes old

Thanks for stopping by folks, have a fantastic weekend and talk to you soon x