Cowboy Dress

Hello folks!

It’s back to normal for me today, after a very well deserved 3 weeks break. I had a lovely time back home and I already miss it so much but the show must go on.

One of my favourite brands invited me to their AW launch and were kind enough to gift me this lovely dress.

I’m a sucker for a good shirt dress and this one is just perfect!

Get dress here

Shoes here here

Bag here

Have a lovely week ahead people and God bless x


Pink Skirt

Hey friends!

It’s been a while!

I hope you are all doing ok and life is treating you well.

I styled this skirt few weeks back and can’t have enough of it!

Skirt here it also comes in black here

Top here or here

Shoes here or here

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by folks, take care and God bless xx

The Perfect Skinny Jeans

Happy Friday Folks!

So one of my favourites brands contacted me and sent me these jeans from their latest collection and gosh these are bomb!

I’m a jeans lover for sure and I have collected pairs from different stores but lately I have been drawn to this particular brand because of the fit of the jeans and the fact that it has plenty of stretch.

I always go for wide legs or skinny, I don’t really like other cuts for jeans but I am opened to trying any recommendations so let me know, what’s your favourite style of jeans?

Jeans here or here I’m wearing 18 UK

Blouse from Zara sales but here is something similar or this one

Shoes old but here is a fab pair and I’m lusting over these ones

Thanks for stopping by folks, have a fabulous week and God bless xx

Geometric Print Set

Hey people!

The weather has definitely gone sour but here’s to hoping for few more days of sunshine in the near future.

I’m sure you know by now that I love 2 pieces, ensembles I just love pairing stuff together and when I came across this particular one I ordered without thinking twice!

I really love how this fit me and looking forward to wearing each item as a separate.

Skirt here Jumper here I’m wearing L in both

Shoes here

Bag old Zara, here is something similar.

Thanks for stopping by, take care and God bless xx

Stripes and Polka Dots, Sort of…

Hello there beautiful people!

How was your weekend? I had an awesome weekend and feeling refreshed but Monday just hit me like a ton of bricks so back to the grind!

I realised that I’m more and more into mixing prints and patterns as my style evolves. I purchased this skirt on sale and I couldn’t wait to style until one day while laying in my bed I saw this shirt laying to the side and thought hmmm this would go very nicely with my new skirt so I put the 2 together et voilà!

The both items cost me £14 together, this is what I always say looking good doesn’t need to cost you a lot!

Skirt here or here however mine is from the Zara sale and I’m wearing L

Blouse is from Primark (recent purchase) here is something similar

Bag old Zara

Shoes old

Have a wonderful week ahead people, God bless xx

High Waisted Pants

Hey friends, I hope you are all having a good week so far.

I am off work for the rest of the week and I plan on having plenty of rest for the crazy weekend I am about to have.

Now unto these fabulous pants, the high waisted trend is so hot at the moment and I am here for it, all of it.

I went 2 size up to get this fit in the pants as the cut is a bit small in my opinion but that could just be because your girl’s put on weight though lol


Blouse here

Trousers here or here

Shoes here

Have a lovely day friends, God bless xx

Did You Say Polka Dots

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to face the new week.

I have a super fun weekend and was regretting it when my alarm went off this morning; I’m currently sitting on my desk, dreaming of hugging and cuddling with my bed. Not long left girl, another 5 hours left to go so hang in there *cries*

So, with my love for polka dot increasing at very scary rate; I came across this particular dress and actually didn’t even flinch before buying it.

My size had sold out so I went up a size, though it’s a little loose in the shoulders I love the fit in the bottom and would definitely not let this one get away from me any time soon.

Dress here

Shoes are Sophia Webster (old) similar  here here here

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by folks, have a fabulous week ahead and God bless xx


Today is my brother’s birthday but sadly my brother passed away last year and it’s been so hard not having him with us.

My brother was the only male in our family of 6 , he was so proud of that and told anyone that wanted to hear that he was surrounded by beautiful ladies only.

I miss him yes, we all do but his death always reminds me to never take life for granted, cherish your loved ones, make memories and avoid keeping grudges, they are not worth it!

Unto today’s outfit, so I came across this dress few months back maybe last year I wanna say? But it kept on selling out every time and I never got around to buying it; so great was my joy when couple of weeks ago I was browsing and I saw my size in stock, I don’t regret one bit getting it and wish they made it in other colours.

Dress here and I’m in love with this one too

Slides here

Bag old from Zara, here is something similar

Thanks for stopping by guys, have a lovely day and God bless xx