Yellow & Leopard Print

Hello there beautiful people!

It’s Wednesday and we are alive so we thank God.

I am a fan of dresses, I’m quite a girly girl so I’m always on the look out for cute and stylish ones.

I came across this particular one and first thing first the colour!!! I was sold just by it, I wasn’t too sure about the shape though but I knew that it wouldn’t be something a belt wouldn’t solve and it did!

I got the shoes before I got the dress and I knew it would be match made in heaven, and wasn’t I just right?!

Dress here also now comes in black and I’m definitely getting it!

Shoes, sold out unfortunately or you may want to check your local Zara but I have found similar pairs here here

Bag here

Belt here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless always xx


Flowers & Dots

Good day to you lovely people!

That’s it, we are up and running well into the year now and I’m excited to see what the year has in store.

I love pencil skirts, I’m sure by now you have all realised that! Pencil skirt in scuba material? I’m sold!!!

Mixing prints for church yesterday, hope you like it!

Get skirt now on sale here and here

Blouse here here or here

Shoes here on budget here

Take care guys, have a fabulous week and God bless xx

New Year, New You?

Hey folks!

So week 1 is done and we have another 51 left.

I was just thinking to myself and wondering how many of you actually set new year resolutions and stick to them? No, seriously I wanna know.

In my case, I have fallen miserably sticking to things I resolved on doing or not doing in the last few years especially! So this year I am actually not taking resolutions not that I am scared to or that I don’t have any, I just feel like I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself, and I am actually not going to share with anyone what I have decided on.

I have goals for sure for the new year and things I want to definitely achieve, I have decided and that should be good enough, no pressure lol

So guys what are your new year resolutions? Care to share?

Everything I am wearing on this post is old! That’s one thing I will be doing a lot this year.

Get similar dress here here or here

Coat similar here here or here

Shoes here on budget here

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend and God bless xx


Pink Overdose

Happy new year style lovers!

I wish you a prosperous and successful year ahead, nothing but blessings.

So I went out for dinner couple of days ago and felt like setting the tone for this year, I thought pink for a rosy year, why not?

Get boots now on sale here

Skirt also on sale here

Jumper here

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by folks, take care and God bless xx

Dark Green for the Win

Hey Folks!

Welcome to the last Friday of the year 2017, wow this year literally flew out of the window, glad to see the back of it and looking forward to 2018.

So as I was telling you in my last post, I am here for the mermaid trend… This skirt caught my attention one because it was mermaid, two because of the beautiful green and I wasn’t disappointed one bit seeing it in person.

I decided to try the fish net socks trend with today’s post and I must admit it’s a bit of a bold one for me so not sure if I would ever wear it again, what are your thoughts on this trend would you try it or give it a pass? Let me know…


Skirt here in love with this one here on sale

Blouse here

Shoes similar here

Coat here

Thanks for the love you have shown me throughout the year guys, May my God continue to keep and bless you, talk to you next year xx




Off the shoulders mermaid dress

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and are all ready to face the new year.

One more look for my end of the year look book and I must admit that I’m loving the fact that everything mermaid is back in style! I remember how I popular this style was back in high school and I have always found it stylish and flattering so I’m really here for it!

Get dress now on sale for less than half price here here and here

Shoes similar here or here

Faux fur shawl here or here

Thanks for stopping by, God bless xx

Red is For Christmas

Hello there lovely people…

We are well into the festivities now and I’m bringing you more looks for my end of the year look book.

I went to a Christmas dinner last night and wasn’t really too kin on wearing a dress so I opted for a jumpsuit instead.

Jumpsuit here here and here

Blazer here here and here

Shoes here and on budget here

Have a fabulous week end people and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!