Floral Shirt Dress

Hello there style lovers!

How are we all doing? Good week?

I’m just hoping for brighter and warmer days; I’m definitely in the look out for cute summer dresses and this one I’m wearing today is a perfect example of what I look for.

Dress here here or here and for the exact one I’m wearing please check your local Tesco.

Shoes here

Have a fabulous weekend folks, talk to you Monday x


Suiting It Like a Boss

Hey style lovers!

So I have been rekindling my love with suits lately and have a couple more to style in the coming weeks.

This one here didn’t come together as an ensemble, I have had the blazer for months! And once Fashion Nova sent me these trousers I decided to pair them together and boi was I right to do so, this outfit is out of this world and I cannot wait to restyle it.

Trousers here use code WHATNICKAWORE to get 20% off your whole order

Blazer here I’m wearing size 18

Have a lovely day people, God bless xx

Spring Where Are You?

Hello lovely people!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was crazy between the snow in the middle of March and having 10 years old over for a birthday party, you just don’t want to know!

Seriously, how can it snow in March!!! It’s so cold that I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I can feel a sore throat coming and I do not need it right now.

So we had a bit of sunshine couple weeks ago and I decided to shoot these beautiful dresses by JUNAROSE, I have been collaborating with them and I told you how much I’m loving the quality of their clothing.

You must have noticed by now that I don’t really wear short stuff, so this is really a one off but I must admit that I love the look I got in these.


Dress here

Shoes here



Dress here

Shoes here

Earrings are by HM, please check in store as I can’t find them online.

Let me know if you want the bag, I have a couple for sale.

Thanks for stopping by, God bless xx


Hello there style lovers!

So those of you that follow me on Instagram may be aware of my upcoming collaboration with a booming Ankara fashion designer, StyleGoestoChurch and I cannot wait to show you what we have in store for you guys!

Meanwhile, here is a few items from their current lines that I had the honour to style, don’t hesitate to contact them and order. They offer sizes 8-24 and tell them I sent you.

Order any of these pieces and more here and they ship worldwide.

Takr care guys, God bless xx

Lilac Hue

Hey style lovers!

Monday blues were at the highest yesterday for me, I seriously wasn’t in a good mood and was just grumpy all over the place.

Lilac seems to be hot this season and I’m so here for it. I love pastel colours and looking forward to styling it this spring and summer.

I got this skirt last week and it’s gone on sale today! So upsetting but I love it nonetheless and cannot wait to style it again and again.

Skirt here

Blouse here

Shoes here and I love this one here

Thanks for stopping by, God bless xx

I.Scenery II

Hello there style lovers!

It’s Wednesday already, can you believe it?

I’m really looking forward to warmer days as I’m fed up with the cold, wearing coats and layers of clothes.

So you might remember a couple of months back I styled some items I received from a brand called I.Scenery, you can check out the post here  turns out they really liked my job so they reached out for another collaboration.

This time around I tried to go for spring items and I love their clothes I must admit, the quality is out of this world, above the average for most high streets stores.  You might look at their website and think hmmm not up my road but in fashion you need to always try to make things work for you, wear the clothes instead of them wearing you, which is what I think I have done with these items here.

Anyway, let me know what you think guys.


Dress here

Shoes old from Next but here is a similar pair

Bag from Zara


This is actually a dress but like I said, make things work for you! This would have been way too short for me so I thought to pair it up with some jeans and voilà!

Dress here

Jeans here

Shoes old from Zara but here  is a similar pair

Bag old from Next

Thanks for stopping by guys, check out I.Scenery’s website here

God bless xx

Lady In A Suit

Hello there lovely people!

The weather has changed for the better in London, you wouldn’t even believe we had all that snow last week! I hope it stays this way.

A couple of weeks ago I put this look together and oh my, I love wearing suits as it gives you this edgy, stylish yet feminine look so I played with the black and white and threw in a bit of green. The thing I love about this look the most is that you can definitely play with colours when accessorising and that’s a massive bonus to any outfit.

Get trousers here  here here

Blazer here

Shoes old Gucci pair but here is a similar pair

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely week xx

Dots & Flowers

Hello there my lovely!

It is Friday, the official start of the weekend but the weather is so miserable here it’s unbelievable!

So last Sunday I attended a sale party and here is what I wore, I love clashing prints and when I saw this jumper I know I wanted to put it together with this skirt that had been siting in my wardrobe for months!

Similar skirt here

Jumper here

Shoes here

Earrings are from Primark but here is an alternative pair

Thanks for stopping by guys, here is to hoping for a much better weather soon in the meantime have a fabulous weekend, God bless xx


Midi & Stripes Dress

Hey lovely people!

So it’s currently freezing here in London with snow coming down hard, I wish I was in my bed under my duvet but alas!

Today’s post is this dress that I stumbled on online, I love this dress so much I tell you! I’m quite (tall 178cm) and to be able to pull this as a perfect midi was just life for me.

I’m really looking forward to styling these types of dresses more in the future.

Dress is from Zara and I’m wearing XL, this one here is another similar one that I love.

Shoes here

Bag old from M&S

Take care guys, God bless xx