Wrap Floral Dress

Hello there beautiful people!

I am always on the lookout for cute dresses and this one was no exception. It actually reminded me of the Zara one I styled here so I just went for it since it was also on sale.

Get dress here or here

Shoes on sale here

Similar bag here or here

Thanks for stopping by folks, take care and God bless xx


Wide Leg Pants

Hey friends!

So in case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for wife leg pants, trousers for us brits, and I never miss the opportunity to had a pair to my collection.

This pair however wasn’t as long as I would have wanted but I made it work and actually love it at this length.

Trousers here

Blouse similar here

Shoes old Zara pair but I have found similar pairs here and here

Thanks for stopping by folks, have a lovely week ahead and God bless xx

All White For Summer

Hey friends!

So I got this dress couple of months back and decided to take it out for a spin last Sunday for church.

It’s actually the first linen dress that I own and I couldn’t love it any less!

It is now on sale and I don’t even feel bad for buying it full price, that’s how much in love I am with it.

Dress on sale here

Shoes here in black here

Bag similar here

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Autograph Ruched Waist Midi Skirt

Hello there style lovers!

The sales are still going strong and I will be showcasing some of my purchases so if you like it, go grab yourself one!

This particular dress had been in my radar as soon as it came out and I had been eyeing it but just couldn’t bring myself to paying the full price for it, not because it was too expensive or that I couldn’t afford to; it’s just that like I have told you before I rarely shop for clothes full price unless I really and I mean really have to buy it.

I don’t regret buying this dress and I had I bought it full price, I wouldn’t have regretted coz this dress is bomb!

Dress on sale here I am wearing 18 UK

Shoes old but here is a very similar pair that I have just purchased

Similar bag here or here

Thanks for the love people, have a lovely week ahead xx

Denim Skirt

Hey folks!

We have done it, it’s the end of the week and I’m so looking forward to the weekend.

Couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip with my princess and for that I wanted a very casual yet stylish look but also comfortable since I was going to drive for a while.

This skirt had been sitting in my wardrobe for a year now and I decided to grace it with the honour of coming to the trip with me lol

Denim never goes out of style and I loved that it has frills, I got it on sale and there is still couple of sizes left luckily.

Get skirt plus size here and straight size here

Similar top here or here

Shoes similar here or here

Bag similar here

As always, thanks for love guys and God bless xx

Grid Dress

Hey folks! it’s mid week already and I hope you are all having a blast tackling everyday life.

A good shirt dress is always a good idea and this one here was no different! With the current heatwave, I am practically living in floaty dresses.

Get dress here and I am loving these one here and here

These fabulous shoes are now on sale and can be found here

Similar bag here or here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Bohemian Vibes

Hey friends! Here we are at the beginning of this new month, the start of the second part of the year. I wish you a better second part of the year filled with joy, laughter and tons of blessings.

I came across these culottes online and the culottes lover that I am couldn’t resist buying them! I was then overjoyed when I saw the top become available. I love this set and cannot wait to re style it.

Now unto the shoes, I discovered this particular brand last year and purchased a pair of sandals from them that I so love and I had my eyes on this particular number that I snatched on sales couple of weeks ago, these shoes can be too much for some people but Lord they are just perfect for me and I am in love!

Let me know below are these shoes something you would add to your collection?

Get culottes here and top here I am wearing size 18 UK in both

Shoes here  I love them in this colour too

Bag here

Thanks for stopping by guys, God bless xx

Colour Blocking

Hello there world!

How is your week going so far?

Summer is really and truly here, the sun is shinning bright like a diamond and it’s just too flipping hot! But I won’t complain too much before it all goes away and we are left with, never mind, I shouldn’t even say it lol

I love colour blocking, I mean colours are my thing and I felt like lately I had been slacking so I decided to put this look together to go with the sunshine yesterday!

I love buying blazers, I wanna have every available colour in my collection and though I already have like 2 yellows, this new one draw my attention because of its sleeves and it actually a different shade of yellow than the ones I have so it’s a win!

Trousers here

Jacket here

Shoes similar here

Bag old from Zara

Thanks for stopping by guys, take care and God bless you always xx

Stripes & Dots

Hello there style lovers!

I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was fabulous, if you follow me on Instagram then you would have noticed that I wore some super high heels on Saturday and i think old age is kicking in coz people I’m still feeling it as I’m sat here on my desk and the sad thing is that I don’t see myself giving up on heels anytime soon.

About today’s outfit, I have put yet another polka dot piece together mixing it with stripes which is one on my favourite combos of all times and these heels are currently in my top 10 favourite at the moment, I just need a polka dot bag and my polka dot collection will be accomplished.

Skirt on sale here

Top here here

Shoes on sale here

Bag is old from Marks & Spencer

Have a wonderful week ahead, God bless you always x